May 10, 2015

Invest in Yourself! Become a Published Author!


Story Submission Procedures

As a published “Discover Your “I” Books” Author…

DYIdentityBook3D1You will become in ‘Instant Celebrity’!

You will gain the respect and admiration of your family, friends, clients and business associates!

DYIdentityBook3D1Your brand will be marketed and exposed to new audiences!

In addition to the exposure you will receive through the Discover Your “I” Book series, the other co-authors will be sharing your book chapter with their network!

DYIdentityBook3D1You will be impacting and inspiring people through your writing…creating your legacy!

You will become known as a respected author and thought leader by sharing your inspiring stories!


Tell Your Inspirational Story in one or more of these Discover Your “I” Books!*

Story Submission Procedures


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Have you received messages that you can’t explain? Have you experienced feelings or sensations that guided you to take action or make decisions that proved significant? How did listening to your intuition make a difference?

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Have you created results from something you put on a Vision Board? Have you defined a goal, made a plan, and achieved it easily? Have you written down a wish, put it away and later discovered it happened? Have you manifested something significant?

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Have you undergone a physical transformation? Have you gained or lost a significant amount of weight? Are you an expert in improving one’s image? Do you have a powerful, positive, transformational story to share?

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Have you lost and regained the connection with a loved one? Has your marriage gotten stronger because of a crisis? (i.e. death of a child, loss of a career, physical trauma, extendedillness of a spouse) Have you learned to intensify intimacy in your sex life?

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Have any of your actions made a difference for one or many? Has something you created started a new trend? Are you a person who changed something that created a domino effect? What impact have you had in the world?

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Do you thrive on the attention generated by being different? Do you celebrate your unique talents? Have you been complimented or teased for being different? Have you overcome a handicap to achieve greatness?

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Have you lived through a near death experience?  Have you had contact with someone who has left his/her body, or this planet? Do you have a unique story related to longevity or the afterlife?

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Have you saved a million dollars with a middle income job? Did you inherit or win a fortune and invest for profit? Have you built a fortune by investing in real estate? Have you discovered investment opportunities that the world should know about?

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Have you had an affair then fallen in love with your spouse again?  Have you been cheated on and grown from the experience? Do you have a story that proves that love can prevail in your life in spite of betrayal?

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Invest in Yourself! Become a Published Author!

Your investment of only $100 will hold your space for one chapter in the book of your choice! You are welcome to write in more than one book. The balance of your investment will be due upon submission of your completed story. We are excited that you have decided to join us in this exciting project!

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