September 20, 2016

Nancy Darst

img_8857Nancy is a performer, speaker, educator, and author and has had an amazing life.  Through her experiences in sports, gymnastics, flying trapeze, and the amazing art of Magic, Nancy developed an informative and magical performance and program that motivates and inspires others.

Through life, Nancy has had amazing achievements but also faced many adversities where she learned to overcome them with her perseverance, determination, patience, and faith.   She never gave up, and learned to cope when the odds were not in her favor.

Along with First Class Magical Entertainment, Nancy developed a program known as “Creative Magical Solutions,” so she could help others through their setbacks and transitions.  Goal setting, letting go, moving on, overcoming fears, and making things happen in your life are areas Nancy guides others through.

Discover your hidden talents and start developing your potential so you can add more fulfillment, confidence and satisfaction and to your life in a fun and creative way.

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