September 20, 2016

Sasha Sabbeth

sashasabbeth-coloredjacket-600pixelSasha Sabbeth

Spiritual Business Development Mentor

Soul Purpose Expert

Intuition Teacher

Public Speaker


Sasha Sabbeth is internationally recognized as a Soul Purpose expert, Master Sound and Energy Healer, emerging public speaker, Spiritual Business Coach, and the Entrepreneur’s Intuition And Purpose Soul Coach Healer. With 30 years of experience, she facilitates her clients, students, and audiences in removing blocks to their success, accelerating intuition access, claiming a deeper embodiment of their Soul Purpose, and by igniting their creative genius for Soul sourced solutions. She does this by implementing her Divine Triad Toolkit: a customized personal and business mentoring system where she activates broadcasted Divine energy called The Transmissions Of Grace, Celestial Toning sound healing, and Intuitive Energy Scan Readings. Her message: Succeed In Sync With Your Soul.   Her mission is to Heal the Heart of Humanity through mentoring Soul Purpose guided business owners and through the reverent honoring of our Other Speciesl brethren.  Sasha is also an animal healer and intuitive.

Sasha is trained as a Reiki Master, Soma Pi Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Certified Print Personality Profile Coach, True Purpose Coach, Passion Test Facilitator, and has studied various forms of intuition, energy healing, and empowerment success coaching systems.

Sasha customizes each of her mentoring packages whereby her clients and students accomplish their goals through her Spiritual Power Success Essentials System: Intuition Development, Soul Purpose Clarity, and Energy Healing Management techniques.  For more details, please visit, email her at, and subscribe to her complimentary Soul Purpose Success Tips series: