September 20, 2016

Sheryl Hensel

prof-touch-cropSheryl Hensel is “America’s Brain Injury Awareness Advocate” and has spent years helping people with health issues that could possibly be related to a brain injury.   Her passion is spreading awareness and helping those who have been concussed, those who’ve had a diagnosed brain injury, and those who don’t realize they may have had a brain injury resulting from a severe blow to the head.
Her first hand knowledge of having had an injured brain gives her a different perspective as a  traumatic brain injury survivor.  Her teaching experience gives her the mindset to find new ways to teach people how to recover from their injury and improve the deficits they may be experiencing.   Her training in energy healing provides her the knowledge to assist people’s bodies in self-correcting and repairing damage.
As an author, speaker, trainer and healer the programs she developed has her working with individuals, caregivers, schools, sports teams, and corporations.  She’s also developed a Concussion Recovery Program to teach others how they can help people recover from a concussion, TBI, or brain injury quicker.