June 29, 2015

Susan Sheppard

Susan Sheppard

Susan Sheppard is the founder of Getting What You Want ,Inc., a life and relationship coaching organization created to teach sacred intimacy in all personal relationships. She is the author of the books “How to Get What You Want From Your Man Anytime” and “Dating After 40­ No More Excuses”.

Susan’s 40 years as a Registered Nurse in Emergency Services has honed her crisis intervention skills as a coach, author, and speaker whose mission is to replace fear with love by her courageous conversations, inspired writing and honesty. She is on a mission to get people loved the way they want to be loved. She has a track record of helping people meet their perfect partner and find true intimacy, love and commitment.

She has been a partner or founder of 9 different businesses in many different industries…

Truly a renaissance woman!.Susan Sheppard
Getting What You Want, Inc.

You can visit Susan at http://www.GettingWhatYouWant.com