September 20, 2016

Wanda King

wanda-king-wanda-king-picture-colorWanda King

Wanda is the founder of Discover Clear Vision, a business owner, business coach, speaker, author, and Learning & Development expert.  She is familiar personally and professionally of the adverse experiences and the inner saboteur messages women are faced with every day. Wanda has gone through many life experiences including, corporate “glass ceiling” adversities, abuse, life threatening illnesses, and surviving a near fatal accident that changed her life forever.  Through these experiences, Wanda rediscovered her self-worth and reclaimed her inner “Goddess Warrior” and now has a passion to share it with the world! She developed a deep self-awareness in knowing, self-worth and inner strength is never taken or lost, but freely given away by allowing others or things to control one’s joy and success.

Wanda, is passionate about her purpose in helping and supporting others to communicate their value through her coaching skills and training offerings of proven techniques and strategies that guide her clients through defeating their “inner saboteur voice” which keeps them in status quo and shift to their “Inspired Self voice that communicates self-worth and the value they have for others to the world from the inside out!

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