June 21, 2015

Meet Sue and Susan

Sue Brooke and Susan Sheppard

Sue Brooke and Susan Sheppard, met at a business marketing mastermind where they discovered that their messages were not only compatible, but each actually enhanced the other.  They also discovered, that working together, they were able to create catalytic and exponential results that neither of them could have achieved alone. The first of these endeavors is this project, “Discover Your “I” Books”

Sue is the founder of Discover Your “I”, and co-creator of the Discover Your “I” Book Series.  She is the owner and founder of an Educational Learning Center in Southern California, a small business mentor, Speaker, Educator, Author, Coach, and Idea Innovator! After surviving a car accident, and finding herself with a depleted bank account at the age of forty-four, Sue describes ‘being hit by a truck’ as the moment that changed her life forever. She reclaimed her identity, and built successful businesses, all on her own.

Sue enjoys working with small business owners and people who have dreams to start a business.  She has the unique gift of coming up with innovative ideas and finding opportunities where no one else would think to look.

As a passionate advocate for anyone who may have lost their identity, she strives to empower and inspire them to live their passion, and never give up on their dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem!

Sue believes that everyone has a story that should be told.  Giving people an avenue for sharing their own stories, and encouraging others to share theirs, is dream that has come to fruition in her Discover Your “I” Book Series.

Susan is the co-creator of the Discover Your “I” Book Series and founder of Getting What You Want, Inc., a life and relationship coaching organization created for the purpose of providing women access to the power they already have to get exactly what they want in every facet of their life. She is the author of the books

How to Get What You Want From Your Man Anytime”,

Dating After 40-No more Excuses” and

“Romance Re-Entry for Those Out of Practice”

Susan is a true Renaissance woman who has honed her coaching skills throughout a fifty year nursing career and twelve entrepreneurial business starts. Her business ventures stretch from construction to movie production, and include waterbed sheet sales, executive search in the oil industry, and small business consulting for doctors and hospitals.

She has become an accomplished Speaker, Writer, Trainer, Coach and Serial Entrepreneur who is passionate about true love, sacred intimacy, and getting people loved the way they want to be loved. Her primary focus these days is her Love with CLASS relationship coaching program which, when fully engaged, will guarantee anyone a significant love relationship.  Susan developed her CLASS program after her divorce from the love of her life, who was a Viet Nam Vet, who was a great man and a lost soul with PTSD and survivor guilt. She took every course she could find in order to learn how to do her own love relationships better and ultimately was requested by her first client to teach what she had learned. For 24 years she has entered in and out of relationship coaching with phenomenal results for singles seeking committed relationships.   With an intense, straight-talking, compassionate manner, she targets your core issues and quickly moves you in the direction you want to go.

Adding publishing to her extensive experience has been a goal for years, and is now coming to fulfillment with the Discover Your “I” Book Series.  Susan has always encouraged others around her to achieve more than they thought they could achieve, and this series of anthologies is another way to encourage others to spread their wings and grow.