June 7, 2015

Story Submission Procedures

A Collective Book Project featuring YOUR INSPIRATIONAL STORY!

The INTENTION of the Discover Your “I” Book Series is to:

~INSPIRE readers to overcome their own setbacks and challenges, and INVESTIGATE the opportunities that they can provide.

~INTENSIFY the author’s credibility as an expert

~INTRODUCE your business and your brand through the promotion and marketing of the book.

~INCREASE revenue for the author through sales of the book, and leveraging the book to promote new clients and speaking opportunities.

Share your personal story of your journey from where you were to where you are now. Reveal your passion and your expertise, and your struggles to your successes!

Projected Book Launches:

Launch dates will be determined by the dates of author submissions. For each book, we will begin the publishing process as soon as a maximum of 15 authors have submitted their stories.*


 Inspiration for Authors

Questions and Ideas to get you started thinking about what to write!

  • Stories about struggles or setbacks that you overcame to get you where you are today
  • What you’ve accomplished in your life and how you got there.
  • Important childhood experiences that taught you lessons that have helped you in some way
  • What, or who, inspired you to accomplish your goals, dreams, or ambitions
  • Passions about your business or expertise
  • Your vision or mission for your life and/or business
  • How you creating change
  • A burning desire you had to do something, and how you moved through the process
  • How your experiences and/or accomplishments impacted you or others.
  • How you gained confidence or clarity
  • Opportunities that have opened up for you because of your ‘story’.
  • Advice you would you give to the reader.
  • Funny or inspirational stories.
  • A misfortune that you experienced, but you made the best of the situation

 Submission Guidelines

Please use the following guidelines when preparing and submitting your story.

  • Your story should be between 1,000 to 1,200 words
  • Use single spacing.
  • Use Microsoft Word.
  • Margins should be 1 inch left, right, top, bottom
  • Use Cambria, 12-point font
  • Include the title of your story and your name on each page.
  • Do not use page breaks.

Author’s Biography: 

  • 150 words
  • Share your business/expertise and any accomplishments

Proof your work! It’s always best to have several others proof it as well to make sure it makes sense and has no grammatical or spelling errors.

Submit your story to Stories@DiscoverYourIBooks.com in a Word doc attachment

Once you submit your story, it will be sent to a proof reader and then to a copy editor. A copy editor will correct spelling and grammatical errors only, not content. If the editor advises that a story needs content editing, there may be an additional charge of $0.02 per word. After editing, you will receive your article for review prior to publication. You will have the opportunity to make changes only once.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue or Susan at Stories@DiscoverYourI.com.

**Please submit your story prior to the deadline to ensure a timely launch!  Thank you and Happy Writing!



  • Your own chapter in any Discover Your “I” Book (1200 words)
  • Personalized and Branded Author page with Photo
  • Personalized Web Page on DiscoverYourIBooks.com
  • 20 FREE Books
  • Private Facebook Page
  • 1 hour Business/Marketing Coaching
  • Amazon Best Seller Campaign
  • Celebrity/Author status (value Priceless!)
  • Your investment: $1,495 1st 15 authors – only $995!

You are welcome to write in more than one book. Contact us for a special discount when writing multiple stories.

COVER with YOUR PHOTO: +$500

We are excited that you have decided to join us in this exciting project!

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